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Trex 1S Combo

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TARIK+ROSIN began developing the very first consumer-focused extraction machine designed to give medical patients in Oregon access to clean, flavorful oil by simply applying heat and pressure. Our product hit the market in the fall of 2015 and by the mid of 2017 our press has been used in 19 countries across the world and the name Tarik Rosin is now recognized as the market leader in solvent-less extraction. We have made significant improvements to both the internal heating element as well as the structural strength of the body and we hope you all enjoy the new and improved T-REX 1[s].

All Tarik+Rosin T-Rex 1[s] units come with the following:

1 - T-Rex 1S +1-T-Nail
1 - Gift Box
1 - Power Chord
1 - User Manual
1 - Transfer Paper
How to use ?
1.Turn On:Press power button and LCD lighting.

2.Temperature Setting:Press temperature"+" or"-" to set.

3.Heating:press power button to begin heating and press again to stop heating.

4.Heat Preservation:when temperature reach preset,it enters heat Preservation.

5.Turn Off:Press button 3seconds.

6. 150℃ and about 10 seconds is a good way to start your first press. then adjust as needed.