Hybrid Quartz/Titanium Nail - Tarik Rosin
Hybrid Quartz/Titanium Nail - Tarik Rosin

Hybrid Quartz/Titanium Nail

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The brand new Quartz / Titanium Hybrid Domeless Nail might be one of the most innovative nails we've seen in the 2 plus years we've been in business.  That's saying a lot....i

This is the first Quartz / Titanium hybrid nail we've had on our site, and we expect it to become of on the most popular nails on our site for a number of reasons.  This nail combines the durability of titanium along with the taste that you'd get from quartz.  The quartz dish is a good sized diameter and can handle large slabs on it's traditional "king moat" cup style that's won over many 710 enthusiasts over the years.

Another awesome feature about this nail is that it is very future proof.   This nail can get the job done if you use it with a torch as well as if you pair it with a flat coil for an E-Nail setup. Whether you're new to the 710 life or you're a seasoned vet who's used a lot of nails, you'll definitely be impressed by this new Quartz / Titanium hybrid nail.