T-Rex by TARIK+ROSIN is the world’s first at-home extraction console. We work
hand in hand with the suppliers around the world to bring you the most advanced
and easy to use personal rosin presses on the market. T-Rex products have all been
tested in Oregon and we openly share out ideas for improvement that we get from
talking to all of our fans at trade shows around the world.  Last year, we did over 30
trade shows and shared our Rosin press with over 10 countries. Our goal is to give
power to the individual user who wants to take control of their own medicine on
a small scale. We are not focused on the commercial use of these products, but
rather we prefer to help the average cannabis user who wants an easy way to make
their own oil. So when using T-Rex, think in terms of grams,
not ounces and tons...you will be pleasantly surprised how efficient these little
presses can be when used properly.